Billy Portrait 10-26-08

Hi.  I’m William Hoke and this is my website.  If you like it you should consider either; 1. giving me money, 2. hiring me (assuming you’re a prospective employer) or 3. appreciating the abstruse historical references and arcane comedy stylings contained herein.

29 thoughts on “Me”

  1. I maybe just fatguy butt u r wurst human sence HILTER.
    Ha ha ha
    Serious need halp move me: thirdfloorAznsCosmeticsandhandbagsandmorecanigetagoodburgersomewherearoundhere

  2. When I poop I sometimes imagine that you are tiny and swimming in the bowl and I am rescuing you by giving you something to cling to and not drown.

    Then after you are saved you realize it is poop.

  3. Sorry I was gone for so long. I put needles in the Halloween candy but no kids showed up and I forgot about it then I got hungry because you know “Fat Guy”. Well several surgeries and about 200 lbs later I am SKINFLAPS Guy. Kinda like a SUPREHEROE.

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